Dessy Chongarova

Dessy Chongarova
Photo by Ivan Kolev

I’m a designer focused on user experience and digital products. I moved to the UK to study MA in Digital Experience Design three years ago and now I work at FutureGov, London.

Before deciding to go back to school, I worked as a Digital Producer at Despark. My projects ranged from helping startups design and build their MVP, to applying lean thinking in the context of big organisations.

Previously, I was part of the product team at a startup, where I was involved in concept, wireframing, designing, prototyping, user testing and front end implementation. You can find out more about my professional experience and skills from my LinkedIn profile.

My Superpower

People that I’ve worked with describe me as enthusiastic and proactive. But the truth is that I’m simply curios. This helps me dig into a topic until I find an insight I can empathise with. Working with clients and users, all I need is a real life problem to get me started. When I’m collaborating with designers, developers or business people, I’m interested in what gets them going and what I can learn about their work. Random day-to-day things that spark my curiosity sometimes end up on my Instagram feed.


I have a BA in Cinematography. I once co-founded a live music club and a magazine. Every year for about a week — I work for Sofia International Film Festival — it’s an addiction. My first full-time job was as a Digital Project Manager at an advertising agency and they found me on Twitter. I started learning web design by customising MySpace profiles for musician friends with CSS.

About This Website

This website runs on WordPress and as every personal site, it’s a work in progress. It uses the Laconical theme that I’ve been designing and developing from scratch. You can find the code on GitHub and use it or suggest improvements. Thanks!