Dessy Chongarova

Last year was the first time I made a New Year’s resolution. I was in the mountains on the 31st of December and I guess the fresh air took its part and provoked me to sit down for a while and look back over the 12 months that had passed.

Then I decided to take up one little thing that would make me feel better about myself. And try to accomplish it during the upcoming year. Committing to one thing only and focusing on that, meant that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by this whole resolution thing.

I chose to do two cycles of Sun Salutations every day. Preferably right after rolling out of bed. Then I got up and did two cycles of Sun Salutations.

I am happy that I’ve managed to stick up with this for the most part of the year. The biggest exception period was when I dislocated my arm a couple of months ago. Unfortunately I turned this into an excuse to break away from what had almost become a routine for much longer than necessary.

For this upcoming year I decided to commit to publishing one blog post each month. I’ll be writing about what I’m learning as a web designer and about whatever else comes to my mind. Bear with me to see how it goes and enter your email below if you want to be notified when I publish something new.