Dessy Chongarova

Dessy Chongarova
Photo by Ivan Kolev

I’m a designer based in London and I work on digital products with people who care. These days, I’m with FutureGov, helping local authorities deliver public services in a more human-centred way.


I’ve worked as an in-house Product Designer and I’ve been a Digital Producer in agencies. I’ve helped startups design and build their MVPs, and I’ve guided large organisations through Lean experiments. Overall, I’m at my best when I’m solving real-life problems in small product teams that value creative collaboration.

I studied Digital Experience Design in Hyper Island (Manchester) and I have a background in Film. You can find out more about my skills on LinkedIn. If you want to take a look at my portfolio, please get in touch.

About This Website

I mainly (fail to) use this blog to keep my web skills fresh. I started it ages ago when I was using WordPress do design client sites. So I built the Laconical theme from scratch and as an exercise for myself. You can find the code on GitHub and suggest improvements.

My Superpower

My colleagues describe me as enthusiastic and proactive. But the truth is that I’m simply curios. This helps me dig into a topic until I find an exciting insight. When I’m collaborating with designers, developers or business people, I’m interested in what gets them going so that we can work together best. Random day-to-day things that spark my curiosity sometimes end up on my Instagram feed.

Thanks for stopping by!